Road Projects for the Week of January 8 - 14

For emergency road repairs due to recent weather events, please visit the City’s Weather Events page for updates:

Upcoming Winter Construction-related Traffic Impacts

Lane closure on 228th Ave SE between SE 4th Street and Issaquah-Pine Lake Rd: Southbound curb lane to be closed 9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. between December 2021 and January 2022 and may change pending further coordination with all parties. Comcast is installing new fiber optic cable for Issaquah School District’s new school, Cedar Trails Elementary, on Issaquah-Pine Lake Rd and SE 44th Street.

Lane closure on Issaquah-Pine Lake Rd between 228th Ave SE and Issaquah-Fall City Rd. and SE 44th Street: Southbound lane closure from 9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. between December 2021 and January 2022 and may change pending further coordination with all parties. Comcast is installing new fiber optic cable for Issaquah School District's new elementary school on Issaquah-Pine Lake Rd at SE 43rd Street.

Traffic Signal Work- Caution While Driving

The Traffic Signal shop will be performing maintenance on all the signals in Sammamish during the month of January 2022, which may require signals to be temporarily flashing and/or dark. Please use caution and follow traffic laws (RCW 46.61.183) when driving near a flashing or dark signal, meaning consider the signal an all-way stop.

Skyline High School 5k

The Skyline High School Eastlake 5k Run will take place Wednesday, January 12 between 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.. This is a running event sponsored by the local high schools. 600 entrants are expected to participate. No road closure is anticipated. High School staff, parent volunteers and school police will be monitoring the event and supervising the route. Temporary warning sings, barricades and flaggers will be present along the route. Motorists are strongly encouraged to pay attention to runners, signs and flaggers while driving along the route. Affected streets are as follows.

  • Start line: Trail off of SE 8th Street west of 238th Ave SE
  • 238th Ave SE and SE 2nd Pl
  • SE 2nd Pl and 239th Way SE
  • 239th Way SE and SE 4th Pl
  • SE 4th Pl and 244th Ave SE
  • 244th Ave SE Northbound
  • NE 8th Roundabout
  • NE 8th St Westbound
  • NE 8th St and 242nd Ave NE
  • 237th Pl NE and NE 8th St
  • NE 8th St and 228th Ave NE
  • Race Ends: Illahee Park

The route map is below.

Striping Maintenance Work

The striping maintenance work was postponed due to unfavorable weather conditions. The City of Sammamish will perform the road striping maintenance work on West Beaver Lake Drive SE and East Beaver Lake Drive SE when weather conditions improve. This type of maintenance work requires dry road pavement. Fresh paint will be laid on top of the existing fog lines and center lines. The limit of work is shown in the map below.

East Lake Sammamish Trail South Segment B Stage 1 Construction

The King County East Lake Sammamish Trail (ELST) South Segment B Phase 1 continues with construction. There will be traffic impacts related to the closure of the gravel surface trail segment which causes the re-routing of cyclists and pedestrians to East Lake Sammamish Parkway (ELSP). Additionally, there will be construction traffic on ELSP.

  • Project Start Point: Intersection of SE 33rd / East Lake Sammamish Shore Lane Drive SE
  • Project End Point: Approximately 900' south of the intersection of SE 8th Street / East Lake Sammamish Parkway SE

Notices for construction activity outside of the City of Sammamish:

Downtown Redmond Link Extension (DRLE) - Sound Transit work

This is a City of Redmond and Sound Transit project.

Beginning in February 2022, crews are scheduled to close the on-ramp from Redmond Way to westbound SR 520 for four months in order to build a new on-ramp. To stay up-to-date and learn more about this project, please visit the DRLE tab in Cone Zone.

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