Road Projects for the Week of March 4 - 10



Lake Sammamish Half Marathon

A half marathon will be held on Saturday March 4th beginning at approximately 7:30am and ending around 12pm. Runners will be using the southbound East Lake Sammamish Park Way SE shoulder between Inglewood Hill Road SE and SE 33rd Street. Motorists and cyclists are to use caution while driving through this area during the event. King County is currently still working on their trail through this section, placing the running event on the Park Way.

Louis Thompson Road Tightline Project

The City’s geotechnical consultant will be performing exploratory borings in the roadway March 6 – 7 from 8 am – 5 pm. Traffic will be limited by flaggers to a single lane of traffic at specific drill truck locations. This work will assist with the engineering design, while road construction is planned for 2024.

228th Avenue Overlay

Construction Duration: March 2023 – June 2023

Work to begin resurfacing 228th Avenue from SE 8th Street to NE 8th Street is scheduled to begin Monday, March 6th. Crews will be lowering the utility manholes in preparation to remove the top layer of pavement. Lane closures and traffic shifts will be necessary throughout this work. Flaggers and police officers will be stationed along the work zone to assist with traffic. Hours of work are between 7:00am and 5:00pm though the majority of lane closures will occur between 9:30am and 3:00pm. For more information please visit 228th Avenue Overlay - SE 8th St to NE 8th St | City of Sammamish.

East Lake Sammamish Trail South Segment B Stage 2 Construction

This is a King County Trail Project

The King County East Lake Sammamish Trail (ELST) South Segment B Phase 2 began construction in Spring 2022. All private property owners adjacent to the trail will be able to access their property during construction with limited exceptions for safety reasons. For example, access may be limited, or neighbors may experience short delays during major material unloading or wall construction along a lane. King County plans to incorporate flaggers/spotters on site on site to help pedestrians safely access their properties during daytime.

  • Project Start Point: Approximately 1,350’ south of the intersection of SE 8th Street / East Lake Sammamish Parkway SE (STA 371+59)
  • Project End Point: Approximately 750’ south of the intersection of NE 16th Street / East Lake Sammamish Parkway SE (STA 468+00)

The last uncompleted ELST section, the 1.9-miles from Pine Lake Creek to Inglewood Hill Road, will be closed for construction beginning in early June 2022 until December 2023.

For additional project information, please visit the project website: You may also contact the project team directly by email at or by calling the project hotline at 1-888-668-4886.

East Lake Sammamish Trail South Segment B Stage 1 Construction

The King County East Lake Sammamish Trail (ELST) South Segment B Phase 1 continues with construction. There will be traffic impacts related to the closure of the gravel surface trail segment which causes the re-routing of cyclists and pedestrians to East Lake Sammamish Parkway (ELSP). Additionally, there will be construction traffic on ELSP.

  • Project Start Point: Intersection of SE 33rd / East Lake Sammamish Shore Lane Drive SE
  • Project End Point: Approximately 900' south of the intersection of SE 8th Street / East Lake Sammamish Parkway SE

Notices for construction activity outside of the City of Sammamish:

Road maintenance on 244th Ave NE near Redmond Fall City Rd, (SR-202)

This is a King County Local Services project.

King County Road Services Division is prioritizing 244th Ave NE near SR-202 to receive snow and ice pre-treatment. Due to a slide occurring in winter 2020, both lanes of 244th Ave NE are narrowed until the impacted support wall can be repaired. The repair of the support wall is expected to begin in Summer 2024. Soil samples yielded unexpected data, which caused the design phase to be extended. King County Road Services Division has a 24/7 Road Helpline - (206) 477-8100. More information on this project can be found, linked here.

Downtown Redmond Link Extension (DRLE) - Sound Transit work

This is a City of Redmond and Sound Transit project.

To stay up-to-date and learn more about this project, please visit the DRLE tab in Cone Zone.

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