A Message From Mayor of Sammamish, Karen Moran, May 1, 2020

Friends and neighbors, I’m back today to give you another update on how Sammamish is doing during this COVID-19 health crisis.

First, the good news! You, Sammamish residents, have done an amazing job in reducing exposures within our community. I’m happy to report that Sammamish has one of the lowest per capita infection rates not only in King County, but all of Washington State.

But there is also some sobering news. Our community has lost three individuals so far to this virus. Our hearts go out to these families and their friends.

The governor announced today that the Stay at Home Order will be extended through May 31st. We must all continue to adhere to social distancing. This is the only way we can prevent spreading of the virus.

The governor also announced that state parks are reopening. While the City of Sammamish has never fully restricted access to our City parks, I want to explain why we are making the decision to restrict certain amenities and parking access. City parks are smaller, and with the good weather coming, social distancing would be hard to maintain if the parking lots are open. By keeping our lots closed, residents can continue to recreate locally and safely in place. Our maintenance crews are still working to keep our parks beautiful, and we want to ensure it’s a safe environment for our staff.

The governor has also lifted restrictions on certain construction projects, as long as social distancing and PPE protocols are adhered to. Please visit connect.sammamish.us for more information.

And while you are there, please check out the Puget Sound Small Business Map, where 16 cities, including Sammamish, have partnered to help residents locate and support small businesses and restaurants around us. It is a very useful interactive map. If your business in not on this map, please contact them to get it added.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the city staff, many of whom are continuing to work safely from home while delivering on all the important services we need for this city to function. With careful and thoughtful management, we are confident that the City has and will still be able to maintain its level of service.

On behalf of the entire City Council, I want to thank the first responders and healthcare workers for keeping us safe. And I want to thank YOU, residents of Sammamish, for doing your part in overcoming this virus. One positive thing that has come from this is community resiliency and unity. Yes, we are sticking together through this, by staying apart.

Stay safe, and thank you.

Karen Moran, Mayor

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Please visit https://kingcounty.gov/depts/health.aspx for the latest COVID-19 information. 

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