Chapter 7A.04: Use of Park Facilities and Buildings

7A.04.010 Storage of equipment.
Persons using City of Sammamish park facilities are not entitled to any storage space for equipment necessary for their programs. If temporary storage is available, permitted and documented by the Department, the City of Sammamish shall not be held responsible for loss or damage.

7A.04.020 Responsibility for City equipment.
City equipment shall not be loaned to any non-City person, group or organization without prior written permission from the Director.

7A.04.030 Failure to conform or misuse of equipment.
The misuse of a City of Sammamish park facility or the failure to conform with these regulations, the instructions of Department employees, or the conditions of a permit is sufficient reason to deny any future permit.

7A.04.040 Cleanup.
All persons must leave City of Sammamish park facilities in a condition considered satisfactory to the Director. No person may conduct activities causing extra custodial work unless a previous agreement has been made to pay for such work and is stated in the special use permit. At the sole discretion of the Department, damage deposits may be kept by the Department according to the level of custodial or staff work required to return the City of Sammamish park facility to satisfactory condition.

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