Chapter 7A.20: Enforcement

7A.20.010 Responsibilities.
Park safety is the responsibility of both the Department and City of Sammamish Police Department. Specific responsibilities include the following:

(1) Department.

(a) Enforcing rules of conduct set forth in this Title for which Department personnel have been designated authority.

(b) Developing and implementing public awareness programs regarding the purpose of the park facilities and the rules governing their use.

(c) Encouraging voluntary compliance with rules based on awareness.

(d) Training department personnel in the appropriate use of administrative sanctions as a means of park rule enforcement.

(e) Notifying law enforcement officers who have primary jurisdiction in a particular geographic area whenever Department personnel observe violations of park rules requiring further law enforcement authority or other violations of local, state, or federal laws. This section shall include whenever there is an emergency requiring law enforcement assistance or whenever they need assistance in executing their responsibilities pursuant to this chapter.

(2) City of Sammamish Police Department.

(a) Deputizing and training of personnel authorized to issue citations for infractions and misdemeanor offenses.

(b) Providing supplementary patrols in City of Sammamish open spaces, trails, park areas, park facilities, or associated marine areas jointly determined by the Director, City Manager and the City Police Chief as described in any interlocal cooperation agreements, contracts, service agreements, or any other contractual documents between the City and external agencies.

(c) Responding, as appropriate, to requests from Department personnel for assistance.

7A.20.020 Enforcement methods.
The provisions of this Title are not exclusive and may be used in addition to other applicable provisions of the Sammamish Municipal Code or other applicable law or regulation.

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