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TMP Input Tracker is Now Available for Your Review!

02 October, 2019

Throughout our outreach efforts for the Transportation Master Plan (TMP), we’ve been recording all the input received from our in-person and online exercises. Now, we’d like to share that data with the public in an effort to keep the conversation going in the community! Take a look and see how your favorite projects resonated with your neighbors.

We have categorized all projects by project type (auto, pedestrian, connection, transit, bike), date, method and date of submission, and write-in projects. The projects we have included as City-Identified projects are a subset of a larger project list.

How is the Community Input Used?

These tallies will be used to help inform our Prioritized Project List that will be included in the Transportation Master Plan. The net vote that these projects receive will be given a score in a more comprehensive scoring system to help determine the Prioritized Project List.

Some important things to note when reviewing this document:

· The projects shown in the TMP workshop exercise are a subset of a much larger list.

· In both the online and in-person exercise, attendees were free to write-in any project they felt was missing. The write-ins were categorized by the project station they were contributed at.

· Write-In Projects were recorded as precisely as possible.

· For the in-person workshops, attendees were given ten dots to show support for a project and one dot to show opposition to a project.

· Attendees were free to vote more than once for the same project.

· The “Workshop Project ID” category in the spreadsheet corresponds to the project numbers in the brochure passed out at the workshop and the “City Project ID” category is the number system the City uses to identify projects. Both systems are for identification purposes only.

· Asterisks in the “Workshop Project ID” category mean that the project requires coordination with other municipalities to complete.

· The total net vote was calculated by subtracting the total “No Tallies” from the total “Yes Tallies”. Every vote was worth a value of one; there was no weighting implemented.

· The Connect Sammamish tallies were recorded on 9/6/19 and then updated on 9/19/19. The contributions after 9/19/19 will be updated once the online component closes on 11/7/19.

We hope you enjoy exploring the data and seeing how your input contributed to the ranking of the projects so far. Also available for review are the comment cards we received- look for the tab at the bottom of the Excel document. Thank you again so much to those who came to our workshops or participated online, your thoughts count and matter to the development of the TMP. Please visit the online mapping tool if you still want to participate! We will be counting all online contributions after the tool closes on 11/7/19 to update the document.

View the data here!

Outreach by the Numbers

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