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Street Sweeping

The City sweeps public streets on a regular basis to help keep our roads and waterways clean. Street sweeping schedules and priorities may shift depending on severe weather conditions, traffic incidents or construction, or emergencies. Please note that moving, raking, or blowing leaves and debris into the street is not allowed. It slows down the street sweepers, can create hazardous driving conditions, and can clog our storm drains.

Main Arterials

January - April:

Every other week

May - September:

One time per month

October - December: 

Three times per week

Neighborhood Streets

January - April:

Two times and in response to specific request

September - December:

Two times and in response to specific request

Pond Mowing

The City owns and maintains over 400 storm ponds. To ensure equitable service, Sammamish takes a systematic approach to pond mowing. The schedule for pond mowing is based on maintenance zones and we mow our ponds* once per year so we can access features of the ponds for inspections and maintenance. Because we mow our ponds regularly and systematically, individual requests for pond mowing are not accepted.

* Storm ponds that are part of the City’s Adopt-a-Pond program are either partially mowed or not mowed at all. Want to learn more about our Adopt-a-Pond program?

Zone 1


Zone 2

Late June to mid-July

Zone 3

Mid-July to early August

Zone 4


Zone 5

Late August to early September


Frequently Asked Questions

How often does the City inspect stormwater facilities?

With over 600 stormwater facilities to maintain, the City inspectors and maintenance staff work tirelessly to prevent flooding through annual inspections and regular maintenance. Annual inspections are performed on every facility each year to verify function and identify maintenance needs.

How often does the City mow stormwater ponds, and when will the pond in my neighborhood be mowed?

Mowing maintenance happens once each year in the driest months of the year. Typically mowing starts in mid-May and ends by early September. Mowing is not done for aesthetics or by request and instead follows a programmatic approach. The mowing zone map and approximate time frames for each zone is listed above.

Why is the pond in my development not mowed?

This can happen for few reasons. Sometimes stormwater ponds are not owned by the City yet and are still being managed by the developer or HOA. The developer or HOA may not have a programmatic mowing schedule. It is also possible that the pond was mowed already this year and based on weather patterns, extreme growth is occurring.

What if we want the pond in our development mowed more than one time annually?

There is occasion that a higher level of aesthetics and appearance is desired. In that case, the City will work with an established HOA to allow more frequent mowing on City-owned Pond property by the HOA. Please reach out to

Does the tall grass and vegetation pose a fire risk?

The City encourages adherence to Firewise principles to reduce the risk wildfires pose to life and property. King County’s Wildfire Risk Reduction Strategy (July 2022, indicates that the most common scenario any given year is frequent, smaller fires. These are most often caused by human activities and are put out by fire crews quickly. According to Eastside Fire and Rescue it is important to consider additional protective actions by creating defensible space around homes. If you have concerns about wildfire risk in your neighborhood, please reach out to the King Conservation District for wildfire preparedness assistance at or Eastside Fire and Rescue at