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Sammamish Town Center (not licensed)

Rentals & Reservations

Rental and Systems Coordinator

Annelise Diers
(425) 295 0586


The City of Sammamish offers several options for reservable facilities and spaces. These include one fully enclosed facility, six open air facilities, and over 20 athletic fields. See the details below to find the perfect facility for your event or activity.

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Lodge & Pavilion

The City of Sammamish offers two facilities for events - weddings, birthday parties, reunions, meetings, etc.  The Lodge offers an enclosed venue with log cabin charm and space to accommodate groups of up to 150. The Pavilion is a beautiful open-air facility with space to accommodate groups of up to 100. It offers a stunning lake view as a backdrop for your special occasion.  Both facilities are available to rent year-round. Site maps for the Lodge & Pavilion can be found on the Parks and Trails page for the corresponding park.

Facility Rental Amenity Guide

Facility Rental Policies

Lodge Interior Pictures 

Non-profit Discount Policy

Effective July 1, 2024 the City's non-profit discount policy is as follows. Non-profits remain subject to the same rental duration minimums for the Lodge & Pavilion. Additionally, non-profits can use an unlimited 50% discount on WeekDAY rentals for both the Lodge & Pavilion. To receive this discount a valid 501 (c)(3) form is required and must be updated each year. The updated non-profit discount only applies to the Lodge & Pavilion at Beaver Lake. Please view the full policy via the link below for further details.

Non-Profit Use Policy


The City of Sammamish offers five picnic shelters for reservations from March through September.  Enjoy the park of your choice while hosting your gathering in a designated space. Several shelters are adjacent to athletic fields, which may be reserved for an additional fee. Site maps for picnic shelters can be found on the Parks and Trails page for the corresponding park.

Picnic Shelter Rental Guide

Picnic Shelter Rental Policy

Athletic Fields

The City of Sammamish offers both artificial and natural turf fields for rent. The fields can accommodate baseball, softball, football, soccer, lacrosse, and cricket. See individual field locations for specifics. Artificial turf fields are available for year-round use, while natural turf fields are available from March through October.

Site maps for athletic fields can be found on the Parks and Trails page for the corresponding park.

Sammamish Priority League Interest Application

Field Rental Guide

Field Rental Policies

Athletic Field Closures

*NOTICE as of 1/30/2023*

Inglewood Athletic Fields will be closed and under construction starting August 1, 2023 through July 1, 2024.

Inclement Weather Closures

Should inclement weather or other situations make the fields unusable, it will be noted on the phone rainout line (425-495-2493) daily. 

Important Notice: The rainout line will only be updated when the field is closed. If line is not updated, then the field is playable. More information on the Athletic Field Closures page.

Alternate Meeting Spaces

Additional meeting spaces are available at partner organizations. Scheduling of these meeting spaces is done through our partner organizations. Please reach out to the organization in charge of the space you would like to reserve. Hours vary by location.

Sammamish Community & Aquatic Center/YMCA

Two rooms available, capacities of 52 and 42. Email directly for questions and scheduling.

Boys & Girls Club

Two rooms and a kitchen available, capacities of 200 and 20 for the rooms. Email directly for questions and scheduling.

Fire Stations #82 and #83

One room at each fire station available, capacity of 49 for both. View details and submit a request on their website: scroll down then click "Sammamish" to filter. Email or call 425-313-3200 for questions and scheduling help.