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Emergency Management

Sammamish’s Office of Emergency Management coordinates disaster response and recovery efforts. Through careful planning, training, and execution, we prepare to keep our community safe.

Our emergency management process consists of four phases: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

1. Mitigation

The mitigation phase is an effort to prevent hazards and disasters. It also includes developing ways to minimize the effects of these events when they do occur. It differs from the other phases because it focuses on risk management and forward-thinking to keep our city safe.

2. Preparedness

The preparedness phase is based on action plans for when disaster strikes. These actions provide a clear path for handling emergencies and include:

  • Providing proper maintenance and training of emergency personnel, including those staff assigned to the City's Emergency Operation Center.
  • Developing and exercising emergency warning methods.
  • Planning for the location of emergency shelters and evacuation procedures.
  • Stockpiling necessary inventory, disaster supplies, and equipment
  • Developing a core of trained volunteers among the civilian population.

A more detailed list of emergency response resources can be found in the Sammamish Emergency Preparedness Resources.

3. Response

In the response phase, emergency services and first responders are mobilized to the disaster area. This includes a first wave of core emergency services, such as firefighters, police, and public works crews.

4. Recovery

The recovery phase aims to restore the affected area to its previous state, focusing on less immediate needs. This phase works to address more long-term needs, repair damaged property, support re-employment, and rebuild infrastructure.