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Parks and Trails

Parks and Recreation

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Alisha Parks
(425) 295 0585

Welcome to Sammamish parks! Our parks system includes an array of amenities and activities for you to enjoy with your family. These include lakes, beaches, and even a treehouse!

As you enjoy your time in our park areas, please remember to recreate responsibility and be safe while having fun. These guidelines are meant to keep parks safe and clean. They encourage positive behavior at our parks and trails which keeps public places welcoming. They also support the high quality of maintenance for all our park properties.

Have a question? Check out a summary of the park rules below for more information. Need more information? Please contact us.

Let us know how we can continue to make Sammamish parks fun, safe, and engaging for the Sammamish community! Have fun and be safe!

Park Hours

City of Sammamish open spaces, trails, park areas and associated marine areas are open from dawn to 30 minutes after sunset.

Parking lot gates are open from 8am to 30 minutes after sunset.

Contact Us

For information or to report vandalism, please call the Parks and Recreation Department at (425) 295-0585. This number is monitored weekdays 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. You may also use the City’s new service My Sammamish to submit your report.

To report a police matter such as a parking, traffic complaint or any non-emergency incident, please call our 24-hour communications center. Call (206) 296-3311 or report online using the King County Sheriff's Office Online Reporting System.

If your life is in danger or you witness a crime being committed, please call 911.

Park Rules

To learn more about park rules, please view each category below. Alternatively, you may review the Sammamish Municipal Code for details: Sammamish Municipal Code Title 7A (Parks & Recreation)

Frequently Asked Questions

General Rules

Parks close 30 minutes after sunset. If it’s dark, it’s closed!

Please follow all posted signage in the park system.

To respect the privacy, enjoyment and safety of all park users and our natural surroundings, please do not:

  • Build fires
  • Fly drones
  • Camp overnight
  • Light fireworks
  • Loiter in restrooms
  • Clean food, wash personal or household clothing/items, wash animals or wash vehicles
  • Enter sports fields with gum, sunflower seeds, or glass containers
  • Cut, remove, damage, or destroy plant life or City property
  • Capture, harass, or injure any animal
  • Feed animals

Park users must follow all state laws in accordance with firearms and dangerous weapons (Chapter 9.41 RCW). This includes—but is not limited to—carrying, aiming and discharging firearms or dangerous weapons capable of producing bodily harm.

For-profit entities are prohibited from conducting private business.

Fishing Season
Water Fountains - All Parks including Dog Park and Community Garden Water

Available approximately April 15 thru October 15

Splash Pad - Lower Sammamish Commons Park

Active from Memorial Day thru Labor Day approximately 9:15 a.m. - 7:00 p.m

Special-Use Permit

Have a special activity planned? The following activities require a special use permit:

  • Groups larger than 25 individuals
  • Use of loudspeakers, sound amplification equipment, or other amplifying devices
  • Sale of goods/services or other forms of solicitation
  • Distributing or posting printed materials or signs
  • Activities that conflict with normal, intended park usage or interfere with traffic and parking.
Pets and Animals

All dogs and pets must be kept on a leash no longer than 16 feet and must be under control at all times. Pets may not harass, injure or damage park users, pets, plants or wildlife. This protects the safety of park users and our furry friends.

We ask that owners remove pets that bark continuously or disturb the peace of a City park. 

Dogs, pets or domestic animals are not allowed in the following areas (even with leashes):

  • Swimming beaches
  • Athletic fields
  • Picnic shelter areas
  • Play areas.

Note: This does not apply to service animals as defined by RCW 49.60.040(25) ("Service animal").

Please remove any and all animal waste from dogs, pets and domestic animals. Trash receptacles are provided for disposal.

Please follow all posted rules for dog parks.

Horses are permitted on City trails unless posted and designated.

Please see SMC 11.05.010 (Authority to adopt animal control regulations) for existing rules of animal control regulations of the City.

Controlled Substances

The following are prohibited in all open spaces, trails, park areas, and associated marine areas:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tobacco products
  • Marijuana products.
Trail Use

We love our trail walkers and joggers! Want to ride your bike, scooter or skateboard on a paved trail? Great! Non-motorized park users are allowed on all regional trails, local trail corridors, and paved pathways unless otherwise designated and posted. Keep your eyes out for posted signage at park entrances, trailheads or individual trails and please follow all trail restrictions. There are several restrictions for maintained soft surface trails, sensitive areas, and boardwalks. These can be found in the section below. 

Sorry, but vehicles are not allowed on trails. These include:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Jeeps
  • Four-wheel drive vehicles
  • Snowmobiles
  • Golf carts
  • Mopeds.

However, the following devices are allowed on paved trails unless otherwise designated and posted:

  • Wheelchairs powered by electric motors
  • Electric personal mobility devices
  • Motorized foot scooters
  • Electric-assisted bicycles
  • Toy motorized cars or trucks.
Electric and Small Motorized Vehicles

Electric personal assistive mobility devices are allowed on paved trails. However, all speed, safe, travel, and trail-use guidelines must be followed. These include: 

  • Segways
  • Electric skateboards
  • Electric unicycles
  • Hoverboards

Motorized foot scooters, such as electric scooters, are allowed on paved trails. However, riders must follow all speed, safe, travel, and trail-use guidelines. 

Class 1 and 2 electric-assisted bicycles are allowed on paved trails but must follow all speed, safety, travel, and trail-use guidelines. Several types of e-bikes are manufactured. Please review the list below to determine if yours is allowed on a paved trail:  

  • CLASS 1 - ALLOWED: the motor provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling. It ceases to provide assistance when the bicycle reaches the speed of 20 mph.
  • CLASS 2 - ALLOWED: the motor may be used exclusively to propel the bicycle. It is not capable of providing assistance when the bicycle reaches the speed of 20 mph.
  • CLASS 3 - PROHIBITED: the motor provides assistance only when the rider is pedaling. It ceases to provide assistance when the bicycle reaches the speed of 28 mph. It is equipped with a speedometer.
Maintained Soft Surface Trails, Sensitive Areas, and Boardwalks

We need to protect our soft surface trails and sensitive areas from erosion. Additionally, dangerous travel is not allowed so everyone can enjoy the trails.

The following modes of transportation are not allowed on maintained soft surface trails, sensitive areas, and boardwalks:

  • Bikes of any kind
  • Electric personal mobility devices
  • Motorized foot scooters
  • Toy motorized cars or trucks
  • Any electric or small motorized devices

Any exceptions will be designated and posted.

Pedestrians and horse riders are permitted on maintained soft surface trails unless otherwise posted and designated.

Do not use toy motorized cars and trucks on unpaved trails. Please enjoy using them in one of the many great places they're allowed instead.


Have fun, be safe! Please follow all posted beach rules, lifeguard rules, dock rules, instructions of lifeguards, and/or instructions from other City employees.

Sammamish parks have great lakes and waterways. However, swimming is permitted only in designated swimming areas that are posted by the City. The parks that have designated swimming areas are:

  • Pine Lake Park
  • Sammamish Landing Park.

When lifeguards are on duty, swimmers are not allowed to swim into or out of designated swimming areas.

Please do not engage in activities that will interfere, distract or obstruct lifeguards from performing their responsibilities. Do not take actions that may endanger other beach users.

False alarm of drowning is prohibited.

Speed and Travel

Did you know? Our parks system has speed limits:

  • Open space, trail, park area, or park facility: 15 mph.· Associated marine areas: 8 mph.

There’s more to safety than speed limits. Always make sure to travel in a safe manner based on your surroundings. This helps to protect yourself and those around you. In addition to speed limits, park users must also comply with the following rules of travel:

  • Travel at a speed that is reasonable and prudent under existing conditions
  • Travel at a speed with regard to the actual and potential hazards that are existing
  • No traveling at a speed which endangers the safety of persons, property, or wildlife
  • No traveling in a negligent manner.
Waste, Refuse, and Litter

We love clean parks! Please do not litter.

Please do not dump or deposit outside, household, commercial or vehicle waste in our parks system.

Want to keep your water clean? Please refrain from dumping or polluting our lakes and waterways.


Enjoy fishing? Please follow all laws, rules and regulations of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. These include season, limits, and methods of fishing for game fish and the taking of shellfish. Have fun at the lake, but please follow the rules:

  • Follow any and all signs that prohibit fishing within our parks system
  • In areas where fishing is allowed, please obey all posted rules and signage
  • Follow all rules and regulations of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • Do not secure or attached fishing pots to park docks.

Boating rules apply to “associated marine areas.” This means water areas beside city-owned spaces. More specifically, it applies to any water area within 100 feet of any open space, trail, park area or facility under the ownership, management, or control of the City. Facilities include docks, piers, floats, log booms, objects or other properties.

Boating rules in associated marine areas include:

SMC 12.05.010 (Boating regulations)

  • Operating watercraft in swimming areas is not allowed.
  • Use only designated areas for landing, launching, docking or operating.
  • Please do not moor your boat overnight or in a swimming area.
  • Anchoring is not allowed.
  • No more than three boats or other objects may be tied or rafted together when docked.
  • Keep it very clean. Do not use marine heads (toilets) that emit contents directly into the water.

Unfortunately, toy motorized boats are not allowed in associated marine areas.


Please make sure to park in designated areas only and remove your vehicle before closing time. Vehicles may be towed at owner’s expense.

Is There a Penalty for Not Following the Rules?

We want to keep our parks safe, clean, and enjoyable for everyone. To accomplish this, we ask that all park users follow the rules in our parks system. Residents can find the rules:

  • On signs posted across our parks
  • On our website
  • By reviewing the Sammamish Municipal Code online at: Sammamish Municipal Code Title 7A (Parks & Recreation).

If an individual is found to be breaking park rules the following actions may be taken by the City:

  • Loss of park use
  • Ejection from park areas
  • Fines
  • Criminal charges.

For details of the fines associated with violating park rules, please view the City’s bail schedule (list of fines). In some cases, violating park rules may be considered a criminal misdemeanor. For more details, please view the City Code online at Sammamish Municipal Code Title 7A (Parks & Recreation).

Thank you for keeping our parks safe, clean and enjoyable for everyone! Have fun and be safe!